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HTML Tutorials

Welcome to the html section of Web Space Tutorials. Here you will find our section of html tutorials and a description of what you will learn in it. If your new to the site, we suggest you start with the first tutorial.
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  1. Microformats: h-card / v-cards
    • Microformats
    • Learn how to set up your own personal contact card that users can click on and instantly add your contact info to their contact list.

  2. HTML5 semantic HTML tags
    • HTML5 semantics
    • In this tutorial learn about the new HTML5 semantic tags that will make you site even more optimized for search engines.

  3. Basic Search Engine Optimization
    • SEO Basics
    • Learn how to have your site rank better in search results with the basics of search engine optimization

  4. Web Fonts - @font-face
    • Web Fonts
    • Here learn how to use any font you want on your website